Please keep an open mind.

  1. A little over 14 years ago i met a woman, lets call her Sue for the story. Sue was a beautiful woman who literally had a smile that could light up an entire room. At the time i was a single father and had met Sue while applying for food assistance after being laid off from my job as an Air conditioning mechanic. 

Now i live in Florida and the demand for air conditioning mechanic's has always been very high, it was rare i ever got laid off but the universe has away of aligning people exactly where they are supposed to be! In this life and the next. Sue and i wasted no time getting to know one another. That first evening we had dinner at her place which was about an hour drive from me. I arrived at her place around 8pm with the intent of cooking her dinner, but To my surprise she had already prepared a Latin dish for me.

 Sue was Puerto Rican and I'm half Italian, half polish so we compared the different cultures , life styles and how different our upbringing was while we ate. After dinner we put a movie on a movie and cuddled. About 30 minutes in to the movie Sue had ask me how long it had been since i last had sex, i replied with, going on a year. 

That time in my life was extremely hard, i worked long hours up until the day i was laid off and was also what we call a functioning alcoholic while raising a child alone so there wasn't A lot of time for mingling. Right for the bedroom we went. After night 1 Sue and i began to see and talk daily and the relationship progressed very fast. Three months in to the relationship Sue had ask me what i would say had she proposed? everything seems like a good idea when you are tanked so i said yes. 

The following day we went down and applied for our marriage licence which i was also drunk. Two days later we got married at the courthouse and yes! i was drunk then too. My mother was the only witness and she kept asking if i was sure i wanted to go through with it? i replied yes! It will be fine i said. Now maybe 3 days had past since Sue and i had wed and she sat me down and said she needed to talk to me. Beer in hand i sat down and ask what was up? Sue looked at me very seriously and said, i'm pregnant! Now i know what you are thinking,,, are you sure you did not get married because she was pregnant? and no! We got married and three days later we found out she was in fact pregnant. Now do you remember how i said the universe has away of putting people exactly where they are supposed to be? At that moment she told me she was pregnant was the split second i had told myself that i will NEVER touch another drink and i meant it. 

Now i know this sounds selfish but at the time i did not make the decision to stop drinking because i had a baby on the way, rather because something in my head had told me that second that i had really fucked up this time. Everything leading up to that moment was a bluer because i had been drinking almost non stop since the layoff. Sue and i quickly found an apartment of our own. Now about this time her brother had just gotten out of prison and a party was thrown for him. Him and i had met for the first time. We will call Sue's brother Tim for the story. 

Tim seemed like a nice guy at first but it did not take long before i had realized just how badly i fucked up!

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