Please keep an open mind.

In the months that followed Sue and i had a rather strange relationship. Sue was fond of trading arms. Trading arms is when two people punch each other in the arm for no other reason than to just knock the shit out of the other person. I personally just thought that Sue was raised with an older brother like i was and it was just a thing for siblings to wrestle.

Sue was not a small girl by any stroke of the imagination so she could take a good crack to the arm, She won most of the battles anyway. I remember one time she had put all of her weight in to a single swing and i ducked leaving my jaw in the line of fire, she knocked me out cold that time! One thing i found strange was how she loved to parade in front of her family with her sleeves rolled up as if to imply that she is being abused. I also started noticing that she would do little things to torment my daughter, like have a car full of children and buy them all McDonalds while making my daughter watch the other kids eat they’re happy meals so my daughter would get upset and Sue would reach down, grab my daughters food and throw it at her, calling her a cry baby.

Now it don’t require a Doctorate to see that Sue “REALLY” enjoyed tormenting my child and it really seemed to give her pleasure. Things got so bad. Sue would do things like come home 2 hours late from work and when i would question where she had been? she would say that it’s not my business which would get me wondering what she was out doing. Or she would say that she stopped at Walmart. Now after a few minutes of confusion i would ask, Sue! What did you buy at Walmart? she would reply by asking what i was talking about? Well, you said you have been at Walmart for the last couple hours , what did you buy? her reply would always be, i never said i went to Walmart as she would walk away with a smirk.

Now to shorten this up a bit allow me to explain what was happening here!? Sue would gain some kind of sick pleasure out of hurting someone’s feelings and pissing them off would arouse her need for drama. But she would go a step further!!! Sue loved to say and do things to me or my daughter that would get me so heated that my vanes popped out of my head and once she got the reactions that she fished for, Sue would record me for others to hear . Tim having the same upbringing as Sue this had also fed a sleeping monster within him. Sue and i now arguing almost daily and having a newborn child i was trying everything within my power to make things work with her but family life had gotten so complicated by this point. Sue’s family had been questioning me because Sue had been making it a point for months without my knowing to record me ‘AFTER” she would invest so much time getting me to react, these reactions had gave Tim, not only a very bad impression of what kind of man i was!

But also gave him a reason to hate me. Around the time our son reached 3 months old the marriage had already gotten to the point of no return. I knew i had to leave but when? how? at this point we relied on each other’s income to survive . One very cold winter Sue kept insisting we leave the windows open at night and would throw a tantrum when i would put the heat on for our son. This created constant arguments because she could not give me a logical reason why? why do you need it freezing cold in the house? Sue would always reply, because it’s my house and i want the windows open. I would always stress that she was going to give our son Pneumonia! Oh well she would say, if he gets sick i will worry about then.

Now i fully understood just how sick and demented Sue was by this pont and was counting my time before i could leave her. Sue had some deep seeded issues and i knew if i stayed with her!? it wouldn’t take long before ether my son or myself ended up dead or me in prison. One week later my son caught Pneumonia and that was it! we was at each others throats damn near every second of the day. I would come right out and ask her, how can you be so cold all the time? why? why do you constantly say and do things for no other reason than to piss me off than record me? only me! And tell people i just act that way for no reason????? it made so sense to me, i had known mean people and hateful people but Sue was the first sadistic person i have ever met. I could not wrap my head around it! how does she enjoy seeing tears? how can someone not only not care if their newborn gets sick ,but deliberately get him sick just to spite me? For no reason! how can someone make a 7 year old little girl sit there and watch 3 other kids eat happy meals while leading her to think nothing was bought for her? So she could get off on watching a child cry? than have a reason to scream at her for being upset? “HOW? WHY? I’m confused, lost, hurt, scared.

After that incident with my son getting sick our fights got brutal. Every hateful thing i could dream up just flowed off my Tongue like a river. About a month went by and Sue and i are not speaking much, shortly after my son getting sick i had sent my daughter to live with my mother until i could figure away out of there. One night i got a phone call, it was Tim! He ask me if i wanted to hangout with him at his place for a bit. It went against my better judgment but figured hey! if him and i are alone, maybe i can get him to listen to my side of the story!? That way he will know that i’m not the asshole here. See, Tim hears these recordings of Sue and i fighting but he has no idea what the fights are about! he has no clue because Sue only starts recording “AFTER” she gets me pissed off.

Sue never records what actually starts the arguments. Now is my chance to explain my side! Around 9pm i head over to Tim’s place and i’m greeted with a hug and how are you? fine i replied while thinking, why is he acting so nice? i wrote it off as maybe he is drunk. I walked in holding my cup of punch and had a seat on the sofa. We talk for about 20 minutes when he turns and ask if i’m Hungary? i replied no thank you, i ate before i came. Tim said oh, okay, we made food if you get Hungary! I replied thank you. Tim looked down and noticed i had already came with a drink , so Tim said when your cup gets low let me know, we have juice, soda whatever! I replied ,I’ll take some juice thank you! He came back with my juice and as if it slipped his mind, he said hey! would you happen to have $250 i can barrow until next week? he said that a “deal” went bad and he owed someone some cash, i was trying to keep the peace and get on his good side so i lent him the money. Tim had left for about an hour and told me not to leave because he wanted to talk to me. About 2 hours had gone by and he is now walking in the front door, when he got home i was using the bathroom and when i got back to the sofa, I noticed he had refilled my drink again and was calmly sitting there playing a video game. I thanked him for the drink and ask what he wanted to talk about? he replied with never mind, it was not important.

I than started to mention some of the arguments his sister and i was getting in to and he said, hey man! i know my sister can be a bitch so don’t worry about it. Wow! i was in shock but figured that was that. An hour went by and i ask if i could use the bathroom again? he replied sure , you know where it is he said. Walking to the bathroom i felt a little dizzy and thought i was just getting tired. I made it back from the bathroom only to find he had refilled my cup again, i thanked him and said Tim, I’m getting tired man and needed to go home and sleep. He insisted i stay because we never get a chance to just hangout, i was extremely tired but i agreed.

Another hour goes by and i start to think to myself, what the fuck has he been rambling about for the last hour? i could hear his voice but his words just wasn’t making any damn sense. Now things start to get fuzzy but i remember he kept looking over my shoulder at his girlfriend that had been crying. I could not understand what the hell they are talking about. I grabbed my drink but was just too tired to lift my glass. I turned my head towards Tim just as he looked over my shoulder again only this time i heard what he had said to her clear as day! Tim looked at his girlfriend and had told her to stop crying, block it out of her head, than instructed her to finish cleaning out the trunk. I glanced down at my cup and noticed a white substance caked up on the bottom. I turned to Tim and tried to ask what he was doing? but could not get my words out. I had no motor functions, was unable to move or speak, than Tim looked at me and said! Do you know why i would not just kill you with my bare hands? unable to reply i squint my eyes trying to muster just enough energy to get a single word out yet was unsuccessful , he said because my sister would never speak to me again.

At this point one thing is for certain! i’m about to be murdered and it was going to look like an overdose. I could not yell for help, scream in hopes of gaining the attention of a neighbor or try and make a run for it. I could think about what i wanted to say and do but it was impossible to react. In that moment i had come to grips with the fact i was about to die! I cant stop this or fight! Now even knowing i was about to get shoved in his trunk and dump over a bridge!? all i could think about is that my mother and children we’re going to believe i died of an overdose. Now with all that is happening and the fear i felt! I still could not help but wonder if my lending him $250 dollars paid for the poison that had just murdered me? now it’s the moment of truth. Tim grabbed me off the couch and started walking to the front door with me and his trunk being just on the opposite side of the front door, i had seconds left. I had no idea if i would be thrown over a bridge? dropped off a building? set on fire? my mind was racing in fear than some kind of strange peace came over me like a rush of endorphins.

A sudden rush , a feeling that everything would be ok once it was over. I do not know for sure? but that rush of peace may have been me accepting my fate and coming to grips with the fact i was about to die. And there was nothing i could do! I was helpless! I can’t scream for help! I can’t run! I can’t fight! As Tim starts to load me in the trunk the most bizarre yet beautiful sight appeared , Sue! All i remember is the two of them screaming at each other when Sue grabbed a hold of me and an undisclosed person picked me up and put me in Sue’s car. Was i saved? what the fuck is going on? After Sue drove around for a bit i started regaining some of my motor functions and i can remember she was crying and said to me, i knew he was going to try and kill you if he got you alone!

Now i’m confused? I thought Sue fucking hated me and it was Sue who started all of this drama to began with! Did Sue really have a heart deep down? did she love to create problems for attention and when it backfires she gets upset? I could not process what was happening. Now there is a bit more to this story and before Sue arrived two of Tim’s family members arrived, one of them helped Sue load me in the car. Those are just details that i would like to leave out. Sue had now drove around town for about an hour before dropping me off at my mothers house, she walked me to the front door and i remember i was just so tired , i told her to leave me on the porch. Sue leaves me laying on the porch and said she will call me later to check on me, than left. Laying on the porch was the strangest thing because i knew something was wrong! i could slightly move my legs and hands but i had the feeling as if i was still dying and all i wanted to do was sleep. I’m not sure how much time had went by after i closed my eye’s? but i remember feeling ready to go. I start hearing this strange humming sound followed by a warm sensation, almost like a pressure between my eye’s when out of nowhere i hear the softest most beautiful voice in my ear that said crawl.

I remember thinking back to myself, i can’t! In the same voice i hear ” CRAWL” The voice had gotten louder and seemed to have more of a stern tone about it. It took everything i had in me to open my eyes, and there was nobody there! I closed my eyes and i remember thinking to myself, this is it! I have to sleep now. In the same voice i hear,,, if you fall asleep! You will not wake up. Get on your knees and crawl she said. I heard ” we” need you to stay alive and if you go to sleep ,you are not going to wake up. I was so fucking tired!!! i could not move and it took everything i had to open my eye’s. I thought to myself , i do not want to crawl! I need to sleep. I am not sure to this day what the fuck was going on and who was telling me to craw but after that last time i closed my eye’s, something hit me like a ton of bricks! This woman can hear my thoughts!

The voice was not inside my own head like a thought than a reply back in my own voice! This woman was speaking to me in my ear! There is nobody here!? I somehow got the strength to get on my knees and i crawled! And crawled! And crawled! Before i new it i had about half of my motor fuctions back and was able to start thinking somewhat rational. Had i closed my eye’s and went to sleep? my heart rate was so low that it would have stopped.

By crawling i elevated my heart keeping it beating. who am i supposed to thank? who was the woman telling me to crawl?. The next six and a half years would be a fucking nightmare that would lead me to this mystery woman.

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