Please keep an open mind.

After the woman instructed me to crawl and the dust had settled, I had decided to stay at my mother’s house for a few days. On the fifth day I returned home. I will refer to the warm sensations between my eyes ,the flashes in the corner of my eyes as the “HEADACHES” the “HEADACHES” Continued almost daily and I was still unsure if the poison had done permanent damages to my brain or I was suffering a mild side effect. On the fifth night we laid down for bed and around 2am I was woke up by the sound of a little boy talking and my now 6month old it

son laughing in his crib. The room was dark and I could not see anything so I held very still trying to hear who was talking and then I heard my son’s wind up music toy,wind up! Now I’m confused, Sue is laying next to me and we do not know any little children so, who was talking and who was turning my son’s toy on? I quickly jumped up and turned the light on to find nobody was there. My son was looking at me laughing and yes, his toy was playing. The following night we had laid down about the same time and I’m not sure how much time had passed but I woke up feeling as if someone or something, was pulling me out of my bed. I had froze up stiff as a board! My senses are now on full

alert listening to every sound and paying attention to the moving, it felt like I was slowly being pulled to the foot of the bed. I went in to panic mode and reached out to try and grab on to Sue to stop myself from moving. I had no motor functions and was not able to move my arms and legs. I screamed out as loud as I could but nothing came out. Finally I had control over my body again, I went outside sweating, confused, scared. I lit up a cigarette and tried to get my wit’s about me, was I tramatized? Was I suffering brain trama? What the hell is going on? Yes the little boys voice may have been all in my head but my son was laughing and awake, did I imagine that too? The next day I tried to explain to Sue what had been happening and her response was a chuckle. I ended up moving out about two months later and in the two months, the “HEADACHES” Continued and even seemed to get worse.

Moving day, I did not have a lot to move and remember I took the bed. After everything was in my new apartment and I had just put the bed together and had it all made ,I had decided to lay down and rest. I closed my eyes and I started feeling this electrical current running through my body. There was no pain just mild discomfort. I thought to myself, is there work being done somewhere? What the hell is that? When the current running through my body stopped I could feel my body moving to the foot of the bed, am I day dreaming? What the hell is this! I held still completely focused on my senses and everything going on around me when I glanced over and noticed a wrinkle in the blanket. I stare at the wrinkle very hard trying to see if I was actually moving ,or if the wrinkle was getting further and further away. It was! I went back in to panic mode and screamed as loud as I could but not a sound came out. I tried reaching out to grab my head board but was unable to move, than just as fast as this started, it stopped. I got out of bed and ran out to the living room sweating, almost in tears! I called my mother to tell her what was happening and she suggested that maybe something was attached to the bed and followed me to my new apartment.

I had nothing else to run with so I latched on to that. Sue was considered evil by most so it was not that far from possible. A year had now passed and the night terrors had continued to happen at least every other night. The “HEADACHES” Seemed to happen on the same days or nights that I would experience the night terrors and sort of served as a warning that it was going to happen. By now I had met another woman who lived a couple hours drive from me so I spent a lot of weekends there with my son and my daughter wanted to stay with my mother on those weekends, she was the kind of child who hated authority and knew my mother was a pushover. The “HEADACHES” Had continued and the night terrors had also continued and now another two years had passed when one night at my girlfriend’s house the air conditioning went out, I plugged a fan in blowing on the bed for a little comfort. That night we laid down for bed, about 2am I woke up feeling my legs being lifted off the bed. Now when you are in these very scary situations and they first occur , you hold very very still! Your mind locks on to every sound, smell, movement that is taking place around you. I’m laying there feeling my legs rise off the bed, I could see the TV in the background and once I felt myself rise to to point that I felt my lower back come off the bed I had noticed my legs we’re moving in the same direction that the fan was blowing. I FUCKING! FREAKED! OUT!!!

Attempting to scream ,kick, reach out to my girlfriend and was completely helpless. This always reminded me of the poison and the feeling of knowing I was about to die and could not do anything about it. Finally I regained my motor functions and ran outside. Sweating, crying, confused, scared, what is happening to me? I don’t want to live this way anymore. I wanted to die! I was so depressed that i want to end my life. When I got back in the house I grabbed my computer and went outside to look for answers. I searched the feeling of being paralyzed in bed. Unable to move or scream, the sensation of floating off the bed, woman that speaks to me in my ear, “NOT MY HEAD” and nobody else can hear her. I came across all kinds of stuff from haunted house to haunted belongings , to demons.

Finally I came across astral projection, the light body, out of body experience. The more I read, the more I had realized that was it! This is exactly what I’m experiencing. Roughly 13% of the world had the ability to consciousnessly make this happen by will, and even fewer people knew what exactly it was. Now one thing that stood out was reading that we are in complete control of where we go and how fast we go there. Ok! That makes sense. If I was scared thinking that something was pulling me off the bed? Than I would have caused myself to move in that direction. The feeling that electrical current was running through my body was called duel consciousness, meaning I was halfway in my physical body and halfway out of my physical body. When we are outside of our physical body we do not have the human 5 senses. We lack arm’s, leg’s, touch, mouth. This explains why I was unable to move! This is why I could not scream or grab something to stop myself from moving. I have no arm’s and legs there. I read that we have a new set of senses like a baby and have to learn how to use them all over again and master them. How? Well I read that the physical body and the astral body have an extremely strong electromagnetic connection and when we first started to detach from the physical body, the astral body instinctively tried going back in and we need to gain about 5 or so feet of distance between the body and astral body before we are able to travel and the fear goes away. This will be hard but I had decided to induce this!!! That night I laid down for bed and already had a “HEADACHE” so I knew that night would be perfect because according the the warm sensation,it was happening anyway wheather I wanted it to or not.

I fall asleep, I do not know how much time had passed but woke up to a Loud bang. When I opened my eyes I remember starring at the ceiling thinking,when this happens I will try and float to the ceiling. No sooner than I thought that I started rising to the ceiling, I could see it get closer and closer to my face. I panicked and turned, I could see my body laying there. I was in shock but without even trying,I started lowering slowly down towards my body. On the way down I was anxious to get back in. I thought nobody will believe me! Nobody will believe this is happening or is possible. Now I was back. Inside my body and I turned the lights on screaming in excitement. It’s real I yelled! It’s fucking real! We can leave the body! There is life after death! The spirit is aware!!! It understands everything going on around it! I could not contain myself. I called everyone I knew! I called my mother, all my friends. Everyone was concerned that I was on drugs or had finally cracked. -i had tried using the lines for spaces. I’m still learning how to use this website so forgive any errors-.

The following night I laid down with full intentions of inducing this again. Around 10pm I laid down for bed and shortly after I was woken up by the feeling of electrical current running through my body. I calmly waited until it stopped and focused on the ceiling, instantly I could see the ceiling getting closer and closer to my face. About halfway up I noticed the window and just as fast as I could debate on whether I wanted to go outside or not, I had already ended up on the opposite side of the window. Now the window was closed and that alone was fascinating but now I’m literally floating outside of my bedroom window. I glanced up and just that fast I was slowly moving up. I was now looking down at the roof so I had to have been about 14 or 15 foot about the house but it is hard to tell for sure. That night was a full moon and it was so close I could have touched it. Everything had a glow or a sparkle to it. Everything was just alive,for lack of a better word.

I remember looking back at the moon in complete amazement thinking that nobody is going to believe this! Why would they??? I then thought to myself, wow! This is so beautiful. A woman’s voice than said, it is beautiful isn’t it? It was the same person that had told me to crawl but where was she? I couldn’t see her. The sound of her voice came from behind where my left shoulder would have been but I still couldn’t see her. Than I noticed a glare of light, kind of like the after glare of a street light. That was her! I thought to myself, what’s your name? And to no surprise at this point she had heard my thoughts and replied, here we do not have names, we just all know who each other are. I thought to myself, how can you hear me? She explained that thoughts create vibration and vibration resonates sound and sound forms words. It was all to much to take in and now I’m getting spooked so I try and block her out as I lower back down to my window and on the way down she said, do not be frightened, “they” are just curious. Again I did not pay attention I just wanted this over already. I got back inside the house finally. Now I never understood why at times I would get to my destination super fast than sometimes I could not move fast enough. So now I’m back in the house and can see my body laying peacefully in bed when I noticed 3 glares of light all different colors. There was a greenish one over my girlfriend, a white one over me and an orange one in the courier. I tried ignoring them, I just want back inside. Now I’m back!!! I sat up and my first thought was I know you are in here. I could no longer see them but knew they was still hovering over us. I was so beside myself that the next day at work. I went in screaming this to everyone and was sent home. I do not know if they thought I was high but nobody believed a word of it, in fact I was poked fun of and laughed at. To be continued!

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