Please keep an open mind.

In the years to follow I have had countless out of body experiences and one thing I can say is that the more you leave the physical world, the more you remember about past lives when you get back. Almost like something you would see in a movie. One morning I had woke up and had and astral travel that night. I woke up and used the bathroom as normal and the minute, I mean the split second I sat down my head started spinning with flashes of the craziest things.

I would get flashes of being murdered, as well as having a conversation with a woman before I was born in to this body. I remember she had led me to a two story house and the second floor had two windows side by side. The window on the right, I was told that my new parents would be in there. I ask this woman, will I be a man or woman? She replied a man! I remember feeling disgusted so I can only assume I must have been a woman in my last life. I ask her if my life would be good? She replied,no! She said my life would be extremely hard but would get better later on. She was very correct. I had lived through rape, attempted murder, poverty, being physically and verbally abused. Now what makes this particular story interesting is that I insisted she send me back and not to waste time because I had died and there was a man that did not know I was missing.

I was worried that he may never know what happened to me so I swore I would remember him and once I was old enough , I would find him and explain what had happened. This woman said that very few people remember and I was not going to remember. Hell bent and anxious to get back I said PLEASE! If you stop wasting time and hurry up before to much time passes, I will remember him.

Then she said, you will remember a little when it is near your next end. Skip ahead and now I’m facing this house. Her voice had lead me there. Now I never seen her, for some reason we are not allowed or able to see the person or spirit or guide, whatever you want to call them. We are instructed to follow their voices. I did just that and until I was lead to the house , everything was dark. Another thing that makes this story unique is that I remember my first conscious thought after I was born. I had just turned 1 and was still in diaper’s when my mother had walked my brother and I outside. We stood on the curb and two men on a motorcycle pulled up. The man on the back jumped off and looked at us when my mother looked down and said that’s your daddy. My father reached in to his pocket and pulled out 2 packs of purple hubba bubba and handed them to my brother and

Maybe a year had passed and I was now walking. One beautiful day I followed my grandfather down to the seller. The seller had 3 rooms kind of like bedrooms set up and one of them was an ammo room where my father and grandfather would make their own bullets. I walked in to the ammo room and can recall my grandfather telling me not to close the door because it will lock. I walked in and about 4 steps inside the ammo room I had heard the door shut.

I ran over to the door panicking and trying to open it, I heard a voice. In a soft spoken woman’s voice I heard, do not be scared, I came to check in on you as promised! That made no sense to me but something that really stinks in my mind is that the woman was being me and when she spoke I could see her as if I was facing her. Another thing is I could not talk very well but I understood everything she said. After she said she was there to check on me , I started crying and pounding on the door. I hear in my head, I was hoping you would stay in here for a while.

I thought she meant forever and really starting screaming and pounding on the door. Very calm I heard her in my head say, don’t be scared your grandfather is coming. That split second the door opened up. I ran out and was pointing in the ammo room so my grandfather would see her but that fast, she had disappeared.

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