I Astral traveled to a spaceship.

I have had many out of body experiences and have traveled to many exotic places. Both on and off planet Earth. Reading this may have you think it’s a make believe story. The reality is, I wish it was! I’m not crazy! Drunk or high.

On more than one occasion I have found myself on board a man made UFO. That’s right! A man made UFO.

The first time on board this craft I had noticed it’s size. This thing was the size of a city and had many people living on board. Most of the people on this craft are human teenagers, some even younger. The craft just flies around, in and out of the atmosphere and the inhabitants do not realize we even exist. Their life on the craft is the only life they know. All they do is play games 95% of the time but there is a catch to these games. Among the kids on the craft we have some scientist and doctor’s. Some of the inhabitants are human like us but not from earth. Now they have staff and clerk’s that check patients in ,stuff like that. Most of the staff are patients themselves. One staff member that sticks out the most was missing her left hand and the doctors are attempting to “grow” one back for her but have been unsuccessful thus far.

Now the kids and the games?! The games are problems and being that between certain ages kids retain and learn the most, they put this brain power to good use. When they beat a game they have actually just solved and important problem for the doctors and are rewarded with credits. They are on a credit system. They are all assigned a number and when they beat a game, so many credits are uploaded to their accounts. The craft has shops and stores where they can purchase personal items, clothes and even shoes!

Actually the first time I went on this craft the young man who ran, or tends to the shoe shop had also had an ailment. He had long curly brown hair and if I remember correctly, he was missing a leg. He was showing off a pair of shoes he had bought himself to entice a girl looking to spend her credits on a pair of shoes. Now I will never EVER forget this trip on the craft. It was my last trip because someone had scared the shit out of me. There we’re 2 men walking down a hall and one was dressed in a suit, kind of reminded me of a salesman type.

The man walking with him looked like an investor maybe? I don’t know but that was the impression I got. So I’m at ceiling view looking down at them as they walked down this hallway. When the salesman guy placed his hand on the investors back to nudge him in front of him. Once the investor was a few feet in front of the salesman guy, he turned and looked right up at me as if he fucking knew I was watching them. He then looked back down and advised the other man to take a right turn in to a room the size of a big closet. This room had 2 hospital beds against the right wall and a couple monitors on the left wall. The hospital bed furthest away had a young female in it screaming in pain and it looked like her skin was burning off her.

They grabbed a needle and injected her with some liquid that put her to sleep or may have been something they was testing on her, the stuff that made her look as if her skin was burning off. “HUMMING” This craft had a rough, hard electromagnetic pulse admitting from it. Even though I was not in my physical body the electromagnetic field around this craft made me extremely uncomfortable. And once I got back to my physical body I could still feel the current running through me, like , I want to say loud but it was more running through my skin feeling. The story I had just told was a true story of a time that I Astral traveled but it was not the first time on that Craft. The first time I remember seeing the one handed clerk also. This craft is designed on the inside like an inside shopping mall with hallways and shops/stores off to the side. Kind of like an indoor outlet mall. Now the first time I remember they had hovered over a hospital building and actually beemed a semi on to the craft. I do not know what was on the truck I just mentioned it to give all who reads this a basic idea of how damn big this craft it. It was a huge black triangle craft but the inside didn’t look triangle. It just looked like an indoor city.

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