Pre-flood lifespan.

Why did man have a lifespan of 6 to 9 hundred years pre-flood? I will tell you! Now when we first entertain the idea of super long life-spans, we think, what did man eat pre-flood? Well I’m not sure but I can tell you what they did not eat, fucking McDonald’s. Now let’s take a long hard look at what life must have been like before the great flood.

There was no such thing as vaccines! There was no diseases and partly because different nationalities was confined to their own corner of the earth. If someone living on the Mediterranean Sea suddenly interacts with a tribe of people who have never seen a fish , than that tribe will now get introduced to new bacteria that his/her body is unable to fight off. So mixing nationalities#1. No vaccines#2. No McDonald’s#3. So what else could there be? Well lets take a look at one MAJOR difference that had the biggest impact on Earth, mankind, and life as we know it. A difference that will continue to effect the earth until we implode.

“OVERPOPULATION” now when you think of overpopulation what comes to mind is running out of natrual resources and even though that is a problem, that’s just part of the problem. Less people, less disease spread, no A-BOMBS. No wars. Negative people have very negative thoughts and negative thoughts will put out negative vibration and negative vibration will cause a ripple effect. Negative thoughts have killed mankind off more than once. Negative thoughts will give us cancer.

They will age us prematurely. Negative thoughts have always made man sick with disease so when you have an overpopulation problem and more than 3quarters of the population are negative or have negative thoughts and actions! Than you can not escape your upcoming fate. Or can you? Yes! You can. You can start by living well and training your mind to only see the good, positive side of things. Practice good healthy diet with “MILD” exercise, yes mild. To much or over exercise will weaken the heart and burn the body out. Next thing we all take for granted is sleep. Yes a good sleeping schedule is healthy but also when we are sleeping our brains function at a theta frequency which is the bodies natural way of healing itself. When our brains are in a THETA state we are accessing our higher consciousness which allows our bodies and conscious mind to shut down for rejuvenation.

We self repair in our sleep, like a highly evolved A.I. Another thing we take for granted is atmosphere. We spend so much time working and chasing babies that our stress levels reach a dangerous high! We should create scheduled times once or twice a week to spend at least a full day in a place that makes us feel good and encouraged, which will allow our brains to reach it’s BETA frequency. Everything is energy and vibration and when the natural vibration of our being is disrupted by millions and millions of negative thoughts and feelings, that are not our own. We are basically allowing everyone else to kill us fast. But us as an individual! Will have more control over his/her own health and we’ll being. Until the planet is in perfect harmony again that is.

I would not count my Penny’s on it happening soon, We live in a new world where our leaders are now very much aware of what kills us. What influences us. What keeps us chasing our own tails so they can remain in control. After all! Fossil fuel’s are a 30 trillion dollar a year industry and you don’t see them admitting Alien’s are here do you? Why is that you wonder!? Most of us know they have been here since before the dawn of man, so why keep it a secret? Because the technology they are using to get to earth would cure every disease and provide”FREE” Energy, there is no money in free anything is there?.

So when you combine the annual gross on pharmasuitical and fossil fuels, you make up what? 98.9% of the 1%s income. Take it upon yourself to live rightly. Eat healthy. Think positive. Get plenty of sleep so your body can adapt and heal itself. Our natural state of being goes through 5 frequencies. GAMMA! Gamma is greater than 30hz. BETA! beta is between (13-30hz) ALPHA! Alpha is between (8-12hz) THETA! Theta is between (4-8hz) last but not least , DELTA! Delta is less than (4hz).

Educate yourself on when your brain should be in what vibration. Download from your app store a frequency generator. For at least 30 minutes a day re-tune your brains frequency patterns to align with harmony. Good luck and we will see you in a hundred years or so.

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