Alien by the fence.

Over the last 14 years I have went from paranoia, to inducing Astral travel. In that 14 years I have gotten very familiar with other beings and realities. Aliens are not only real but anyone who wishes to see them, can. This was a visit when they kept tampering with the sensor light . Watch the cat’s and how they behave. I had always believed it to be a myth that cat’s had a connection to other realities but it turned out to be true. When aliens come around the cat’s will act almost like I had gave them cat nip. They run all over the place, up the palm trees and back down. They get crazy. When the crafts land the cat’s all gather in that general area. Knowing this as being a fact I now watch the cat’s and when they all gather to a certain area, I will start taking photos of that area. One night I did just that and noticed an alien. He appeared like he was in between detentions and only part visible, but visible none the less. He appears to be wearing a helmet and if I remember correctly, these helmets admit a

sound wave that allows them to break up their own molecular structure. Like an advanced version of what Hutchinson was doing with bowling balls and water.

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