Just a couple out of body trips.

First I would like to apologise for the bad blogging. I try and read my own Grammer and have trouble. I’m doing my best with this. I really am more worried about people taking what I’m saying as FACT. I need readers to understand what I have been through and still go through. Anyone who would like to experience an out of body experience can. I’m more than happy to to teach anyone who seeks knawladge of their higher self.

Now that that is out of the way, let me explain that having out of body experiences are not just conscious. They can happen or be triggered if someone is under a lot of stress. One particular time I had woke up and was floating on the side of the bed. My body was off to my right on the bed. I was to the left of the bed hovering over the floor and every time I would try a different stop it! This time I was unable. To much energy had built up and it was one of those situations where I had to remain outside of my physical body until the energy had dissipated. I remember I went out to the street and and all around my feet looking like kids toys. Now we don’t have feet out of body but we think we do.

Long story short, I remember I looked up at the sky and thought fuck it! Let’s go for a fly. Just like Superman I jumped in to the air and was in the clouds before I knew it. A man on a carriage came up beside me and I could see him look at me but I tried to not look back. The same nervous feeling we have around strangers on this plane? We have there as well. At least I do. Anyway when I came through the clouds I remember it was city lights and a perfect sky. I had landed in Chicago!!! Why? I do not know because I did not intend on it. Now the man on the carriage? That I found very interesting like he may have been from a different time and not know he was dead. Now when we leave the physical body you can bet that you will see people. Some people that have died and do not know they have died. Those people just repeat the same actions over and over.

Other people are actually at home sleeping and have induced and out of body in their sleep. These people will simulate walking and other human gestures. Than you have the dark people. The dark people can’t hurt you but they will scare the piss out of you. They will typically try and befriend you than try to get inside your body. That is almost impossible for them to do but they make getting back difficult sometimes.

The dark people crave life. They have been stuck there for a long time and they often forget that there is a process to getting back in to a body. They do not want to go through the baby process again and think they can just take over the body of someone still connected to the earthly plane. When out of body you can visit family in other states or spy on a hot chick in the shower.
Well in theory we can spy on a hot woman but the reality is, even if we desire such disgusting acts while we are in our physical bodies!? Once we detach from the body, we no longer have those same desires as we would in our body. Which brings me to my next topic. “INTERACTION” We can meet with people and even approach people who are out of their bodies while they are sleeping and introduce ourselves and they will remember you when they wake up. The chances of them not writing you off as a dream , is slim. Remembering every detail of our astral travel’s come from gaining experience and over coming the fear of it. I currently do not travel on purpose anymore. Unless it happens without my wanting it to, I will reject it and stop the process. The last time I had an out of body where I was not able to control it was last month. One time I ended up on a craft with two humans controlling it. Well! From the back they looked human with white hair, not blond! But white.

Almost like the elves from Lord of the rings they had pure white hair and I was sitting behind them. Even though I was not in my physical body these things had to have known I was there because they would not allow me to see their faces. I believe one was a man and the other a woman, I could be wrong though. They both looked the same from behind.

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