The day I was sent to earth.

Through my astral traveling I had started having memories of a life before this life one. I was excited to come and I understood how important this mission was. I had some friends and a sister that turned 16 before myself and was sent to earth first. The age for being sent was 16. Earth can be hell for a lot of us and it can be amazing for others.

The one simple truth behind us being here is that no matter if we are abused, killed, poor, rich, good looking or ugly! These are experiences that we have to have, And the reason we was sent here. Our mission was to live a number of human lives to gain knawladge, and experience the different emotional stages of every kind of life experience. We maybe poor in this life ,but rich in another. If I’m poor but understand what it feels like to be rich and i can relate with rich people even though I’m poor? That means I had been rich in a past life and my essence remembers the experience. At the time I was sent here!? I knew and understood that I was being sent to class.

The experiences we gain on Earth!? Is for another purpose. We are in school learning right now, all of us! Now we are each assigned to a guide or a pal if you will. This guide would go on to be the person that you consider your spirit guide later on. In my case she was a beautiful woman with dirty blond hair. I’m now 16 and it is my turn to come to earth. I’m scared yet excited. I’m nervous yet anxious! One part of me can’t wait and the other part of me don’t want to leave, but I have to. She walks me down a long hall and at the end is a door. She opens the door and we are now in a huge room that was filled with these machines. These machines kinda looked like big coffins but the top of them was made out of a type of thick glass and underneath of these machines had cables running to them. As soon as I walked in I noticed my beautiful sister. Let’s call these machines coops. I had seen my sister to the right of me laying in her coop and she looked so peaceful ,like she was in a deep sleep.

In front of me I had seen 2 of my friends that had been sent before me. Now she ask me a few questions and took some readings before asking me to get inside my coop. I walked up 3 steps and through one leg over, then the other. I laid down and than leaned over the side and said to her, please do not allow me to go inside an elephant. I thought they looked funny and they creeped me out when we had learned about the earth species. I ask her to not let me go in to an elephant and she chuckled and told me not to worry. She assured me everything was going to be just fine. She had seen I was nervous and she placed her hand on my arm. I will never forget the look she gave me, she made very strong eye contact and said everything was going to be fine and that she was going to check in on me from time to time.

When you read all of my stories and memories!? You notice I speak of a woman’s voice? This is her. She said when she closed the hatch I will see some shapes on the screen and once they stop I will feel a “CURRENT” Run through my body. She assured me it would not hurt and would only be uncomfortable for a second. She than instructed me that when the current stopped I was to follow her voice. She turned the machine on and just as fast as it started, it stopped. About a second later she ask if I can hear her? I tried to speak but was unable. I thought to myself in a slight panic, what is going on? She heard my thoughts and replied,,, you are fine just follow my voice.

Her voice was coming from over top of me and as soon as I focused on her voice I started rising up out of the machine. In disbelief I thought to myself is this normal? She replied yes and to follow her voice to the big wall with the x. She than instructed that once i’am outside of the wall not to bare to the left or right or I will end up lost floating around space and they may never find me. I followed her voice and once I exited the wall, I seen earth from space view. I heard her say now go and remember! Stay straight! I started flying to earth scared that I’d get lost. I remember the fear and the intense feeling that I had to stay straight. I finally made it to earth and everything got bright for a minute and then dark. My next memories are of me and was now a little girl in a desert. My father was holding my right hand and my mother was holding my left hand. A craft landed and a man and a woman stepped off the craft. I instantly remembered her as the woman that sent me to earth and thought to myself, I do not like this! Please let me go home with you.

She smiled and said you can’t! I begged her. I did not like earth , the people, nothing about this. This was so different from the peace I knew before. She stated that I had to much work to do and it wasn’t my turn to go home. She handed me something and they loaded back on the craft. The man seemed kind of cold but he was speaking to my father and would not make eye contact with me. Once they left Earth’s atmosphere I remember an explosion went off and I was mesmerized by the light. Now I have questioned myself and if we have other bodies somewhere else yet, been here for thousands of years!? How’s that possible? Well I’ll tell you. The theory of relativity.

The same way I have out of body experiences is the same way these machines work that sent us here and if I remember correctly, we can go home once we remember being sent here. Remember the story of me getting locked inside the ammo room? Inside the basement? And the woman that appeared behind and said she was there to check on me as promised? This was her.

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