The space station.

Last month was the last time I had an OBE. Now for the readers I wish I could validate this this but I can not. I ended up on the space station. Now I did not hang around and see what everyone was doing or anything. It was one of those situations where I was flying around having a great time and happened to just fly through the space station. One of the astronauts was BLASTING that song, got to keep them separated! The offspring song? Yeah so there was that haha.

In detail I would like to explain how the out of body works! We can have a lot of stress in our life that will cause headaches and pressure in the head!? This is when the pineal gland gets over stimulated and the rest just happens. When we are in the stage of just detaching we feel a current running through our body, some people report a loud humming that could be something in your house or weak electrical in the home that you will hear very loud once you detached or are about to detach. We can see and everything is brighter and seems to have more life to it. Let’s talk about the frog people. One time while out of body I ended up on a craft that had people who looked just like frogs on it. These people from what I was able to see had broad shoulders and for the most part, human bodies but their faces looked just like a fucking frogs.

Now it is not likely you will run in to these things but if you happen too!? Stay away from them. They had a human male on a bed and was doing something to him that did not look pleasent. When I write about seeing aliens and other beings, I’m not joking! It maybe a little too much for people to comprehend or take seriously. I can not say for sure if I’m leaping to far away from each because out of body we have no sense of time and distance. For all I know they are flying around just outside of our atmosphere. I know some of them are for sure but the frog people, I do not know. Now! The spider! I had a run in with an alien that was massive in size and the teeth was huge.

I’m sad to say but this this was fucking a man in the ass. I have to assume this person was abducted and clearly this race of E.T had human like sexual desires. An older man with a huge head was laying down watching this take place. The man had a human face and body with a large head that had two leather straps wrapped around his head. The man being violated was paralyzed and could only turn his head. The beast with the large teeth bit him on the shoulder and the old man said that it was necessary in order for him to be sent back. Now this stuff may not make sense to you because even I can not make sense of it. I just call it like I experience it.

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