Everyone wants more money and nicer things.

Things are just that, “THINGS” Now when I tell people I do not have emotional attachment to thing’s? I mean it. When my grandmother passed and the family was arguing over her jewelry!? I just wanted a pair of her moo moo slippers. Now who would not want to drive a beautiful car with the smell of new tight leather? Dress in the finest fabrics? Part of what make us human are having human desires but only because we forget that we are not human. We are spiritual beings having human experiences, nothing more. We can will ourselves these things if we find them important enough but in the end they will only blind you from seeing the path ahead and you will have to come back and pick up where you left off. So don’t be blinded by stuff! It’s just stuff. Focus more on your path! The journey! Remember the beautiful white light that separates you from the body that you are assigned to drive. As humans we all fantasize at one time or another of having these magical powers, flying like Superman and manifesting things by thinking about them. That is because we are still attached to that flame that does have these powers and can do these things. Oh! Your friends envy you because you have a new car? Well that will look very silly when it’s your time and reunited with your true being looking down at all of these crazy humans killing each other over stuff. Your soul will watch and weep unable to help or control any of it. So you will beg to be sent back and have yourself convinced you will remember and make a difference this time. But now you are starting from scratch and will envy your friends who have evolved first and are looking down at you thinking,,, oh my God! I couldn’t imagine having to serve 3 more life terms.

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