I pulled him out just before he died.

A few years ago I had been really upset one week. My head was warm and the stress was really kicked in. That night I kept finding myself out of body and every time I would try and make it stop, I couldn’t. I had to just float around out of body until the energy I had built up dissipated enough to get back in body. There had been may times that I could not control where I went and this was one of them. One night as fast as i realized I was stuck out of body, I ended up somewhere and do not remember how I got there. I was suddenly over top of someone who appeared like he was falling and somehow I understood that my job was to pull him out of his body before he hit the pavement. If he hit the pavement he would feel pain and his dying process would be slow. I have never done anything like this and I had no idea how I ended up here. What I found stranger that the entire thing was that even though I didn’t know this person or how I got there, I knew what I was supposed to do. Seconds before he hit the pavement I was able to pull his soul from his body. I remember telling him, It’s ok I have you. I remember guiding him up and there was bleachers in the background. I guided him upwards until he knew what he was supposed to do. After he let go and went his own way I was back in my body just that fast!

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