The more you want, the less you will have.

It’s a human instinct to collect things and always dream of having more but do you actually get more? The 80 year old billionaire who chose to work his life away while saying things like, I want my kids to have more than I had? Nobel as that may sound , he only had what he did because he grew up so working hard so his children do not have too.

Is that really what we are doing? Or are we justifying something that we really do not have a logical answer for??? In the end you will be reborn in to a body that will only read about that one billionaire who made all that money by sacrifices. What did he sacrifice? Well his soul! The reason they call wealth and fame selling your soul is because you are doing just that. A man or woman who only cares about having more, spends his/her life eating, breathing, sleeping and shitting wanting more and in the end they only learned how to love themselves which means they learned nothing.

They sold their soul for desire. Now the man who has nothing really has more because he feels compassion! Love! Empathy! All the emotional stages we came here to learn. That may not seem like a lot and some of you will justifying this by saying,,, well I don’t believe in the soul anyway.

Ok! What if astral pilot is telling the truth and you one day are looking down on your path and when you are ask, what did you learn that will contribute here? And you say, i know how to flip a house! In a place where money don’t exist. What then? Oh well than I have to come back, right! Easy to say when you have everything you want that second but what happens when you realize you had nothing the entire time? Like a good dream of you living the high life and you wake up in your trailer? This is that dream and one day I promise you will wake up. Make this count, go find something you love more than yourself.

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