We have been born in to a prison.

We line in a world that is controlled and judged by the amount of money we have. Unfortunately we can not control the fact that we are required to have money to feed our children in this world but this is changing very quickly. People are waking up.

Civil war is around the corner and it’s not a matter of if, rather when it will strike. Pretty soon big government will be gone and each state will be on their own. A world where people have to contribute to eat? Wow! Sounds amazing to me. Hell if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would prepare for the war and give the rest away. Rich people believe they will have the resources to save themselves.

They can buy a better world. Isn’t that what created this mess? The world has gotten so bad we have to pay for air and water. Natrual resources that we was all born entitled too. Where do we go from here? We can fight, but what are we fighting for? Our children? Ourselves? For survival? The body is a material item so do we fight to save and protect a material thing or do we surrender to the soul? I will let you decide.

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