When you feel depressed and angry.

Just a short message by astral pilot. When you find yourself feeling sad , angry, depressed or you are just having a bad day, don’t EVER forget that these are just emotions that you are feeling and wherever you are!? Is exactly where you are supposed to be. Even though you can not remember choosing to have these experiences,you did! With every bad thing that happens a learning experience follows closely behind.

You know my wife had said when we first met that she wishes she would have met me 10 years ago and she can’t understand how I have had so many toxic relationships. To that I replied! Had it not been for all the bad toxic relationships, I never would have known how to appreciate her. I had to have those very bad relationships to prepare me for the right woman so I knew how to love her once I found her.

I was a single father for 12 years and I was not very good at it and today I have 2 later in life children. If I hadn’t failed the first, I never would have learned how to be a great father. I had done the best I knew how as a single father but to my daughter it wasn’t good enough. I can’t change the past and even if I could!? I wouldn’t. Everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to and if there are things I could have done differently that would have changed who she is, than she would not be the same person walking the same path. Everything happens exactly how it was intended. We will have a chance to come back and live again. We have been reincarnating for 20,000 years so a few more life time’s won’t hurt us. Our souls are here to learn, feel, experience pain and love. That love is what keeps us wanting to come back to do this all over again, blinded by love so badly that we forget why we came. I started this blog to help you remember! This is my job now. So live! Love! Feel! And don’t take things personal, this is just our job.


  1. How do I get to the point where I remember? I’m at a point in my life where I need to know why things are the way they are. Why I would of chosen all this? I’m not in a good place mentally…

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    1. Buddy you are at this stage of your life to feel. Feel the bad and LOVE IT! These are the experiences we chose to come here for. With ever bad door closing 3 good ones open. When one door closes in your face, a great one opens to another place. Don’t think of these as bad times. Think of them as , wow! Shit! Wonder what’s next. Love every emotion. Good and bad. They are the steps taking us back to immortality

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