1. I think it’s time for me to stop watching you tonight…Damn!!!! ..ur looking mighty fine and hottttttttt!!! I’ve watched so many videos and I HONEST to God NEVER thought they were so FUCKING bad ass !!!!! Either not at all SMART, FUNNY PERSONALITY like uuuuu, too young etc!!!!
    Gdnight lol Damn I love ur attitude adds to ur looks!!!! Lucky women she is!!! Lol Florida we do live here but u in a Hawaiian shirt!!!! Palm trees gotcha!! That’s cool 😎
    My style is ripped Jean shorts and sandals that zip up, studded skirt, not too short but right I wear a child’s 12/14! Junior 1!! I hardly wear make up but wild hair and I have HONESTY been like that since 16!!! I will NEVER change! When I sometimes go to concerts (I invited you all too) I love to look different!! Wild and sexy NOT slutty just enough for the guys to say wow I wonder how she looks like!! Lol I’m a good soul and give my friends my last dollar and HAVE!!! I JUST LIKE STRUTTING AROUND (WHEN A GIRL GOES WITH ME OR U GUYS)!!!!!! IT’S AWESOME AND U KNOW I AM RIGHT!!! GIRLS TURN TO LOOK AT U AND U LOVE IT RIGHT!!?? GUYS DO AND YES I LV IT TOO BUT KEEP LOOKING HAAAAA I HAVE TO MEET U AND I WON’T KEEP ASKING YOU HAVE INFO…….💕💕 hugs and kisses to you alll!!!!!!!!! Daytona beach rock bash is I believe in August!!! I love it!!!
    Please I KNOW ur so busy but pompano beach gullupys is soon maybe we can all go there!!!


  2. Hey how are you. I follow you on you tube and I just want to share with you what happened to me last night. I don’t really know I travel or not cause I don’t remember that but what I remember it was the process of coming back to ” reality ,body,dimension” I knew that I went to visit some source of witch and that I felt that I piss her off and that I wasn’t suppose to go there. So I remember that I was trying to come back and I felt like a lit it of pain on my diafragma. But I hear a male voice telling me it was suppose to hurt and not to be scare. I remember I was trying to scream something 3 times but I there was no sound then I said something 3 times and I was able to hear me and then I woke up open my eyes and my husband ask me what I was saying cause I was saying something that sound a different dialect. Do you think that was me traveling somewhere or do you thing it was just a weir dream ????


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