Correct PayPal. … A few people have been kind enough to donate and it went to the wrong PayPal. I apologize for the inconvenience but didn’t realize donations on that PayPal never make it to me for some reason. I created a new one that is working good. Thank you for the donations received,I have been able to get some long needed equipment that will help the disclosure go faster. There are lots of things going on and as I type this a being is plundering around in the living room,,, I can hear him. The night before last I managed to catch one inside the house and got a photo. Things are getting interesting to say the least. Every penny is much appreciated and goes torwads the Channel and nothing else!


    1. Oh hon I wasn’t ignoring you. I’m not good at navigating through WordPress therefore I just upload stuff. Right when I started getting Familiar with it, they changed the layout. I need to get better with technology


  1. Hey Ken, I paid to Astral Pilot and have a screenshot from my bank account..I look forward to seeing the little fella you caught…I personally have a thing with bugs since I was 3 years old where they show themselves to me knowing I would never harm them…I’ve seen some really strange ones too; a few times someone else was with me and I showed them..I understand why you would want a secret secret group :))

    Sue (the aussie)

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________


    1. I created a secret Group and it was supposed to be just for people like you that I have developed a relationship with. Someone from MR Group got in and started inviting people left and right until I couldn’t find them all. Now I created a group that is marked private until I get everyone in than I’m marking it secret so it can’t be found. I got your donation I believe. I responded by email to all the donations that I received. Something very strange with the first PayPal. People are donating to it and the money is vanishing in to thin air


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