Playing with the cat’s.

Over the years, I have had countless travel’s out of body and for the longest time I had gotten really good at controlling where I went and what I had seen. I started off visiting family that lived far away than would tickle myself pink and amaze my family by describing thing’s they had been doing or clothes they had on.

After about a year of this my travels had taken a turn. I was now visiting”thing’s” and people that was not from here. People that lived on Earth a very long time keeping themselves hidden from the masses. To explain this photo I had learned to watch the cat’s. Now in the movie ghost cats are sensitive to these ghost but in reality this is actually true.

When a being comes around my house the cat’s will get overly excited like if I had gave them cat nip. They will run up the palm trees than run away really fast. Once a craft has landed the cat’s will all walk to the side of the house that the craft had landed. I do not mean just my cat’s but all the cat’s within a block of my house. Once I see them doing this I know to start taking photos. The cat’s one night had all moved to the side of the house and was starring towards my fence,I pulled my phone out of my pocket and took a photo. Later when looking at the photos I did not see anything and then a hazy discoloration caught my eye.

I then enlarged the photo and adjusted the contrast. This is what we had. A visitor standing in front of the gate door. Judging the size of the gate vs where it’s head was he must have been around 4.5ft tall.