Visitor’s at the house.

Now I have been Astral projecting for the better part of 9 years. Consciously that is! As in making it happen. Along the journey I have seen things that people can only assume exist in horror movie’s. These things are real and as hard as it is to admit because I know how the world looks at me, they are real, they are here and they choose who they like and who they do not. We are apart of a world that is so big that the human mind can not wrap his/her head around the vastness.. To us, we live, we die.

To them , if we have not served a purpose or helped someone else evolve than it’s no sweat off their ass, assuming they have asses that is. They will make us start over hopefully we get something right. I have learned a long time ago not to put much effort in to accumulating thing’s or about how much money I have. I have lived most of my life in poverty paying child support for two children and raising two children alone. Sue that I have mentioned in the blogs? She passed away and our son now live with my new wife and I.

When I post a blog it is important that all who read them keep and open mind and not think but know that every word is “FACT” in the future I will say things that may have you believe that I’m out of my mind. To that I say! The truth will always be the truth. No matter who denies it, who laughes at at it, who pokes fun at it. Just because people can not accept the truth, does not make it less true.

People! We live in a world that nothing we have been raised to believe is real. In fact the very things that we have been told are fake! A myth! Or impossible, those are the things that truly make up our world. We have more realities than anyone of us could count and access to most of them. Some times we access these other realities on accident. Some times we are born with a higher knowledge than others.

And some times we access these other realities due to a near death experience that places our soul, our consciousness in limbo! These people are not fully connected to this world and are not fully connected to the other world. These people often end up in hospitals and padded rooms deemed crazy because what we see, hear, whiteness and experience, we try and share with the world but is so far out of touch with this one reality that nobody wants to entertain that maybe! Just maybe! We are telling the truth. Expand your minds. A fashion of light wizzing past your head could actually be a man watching you and with technology beyond our comprehension.

follow me down this path I’m leading you on. I love each one of you and would not lead you to harm anymore than I myself would walk in to it.